Opera at the g Hotel – bringing the New York Met to Galway

I had seen advertisements for dinner and opera at the g Hotel and was not quite sure what the details were until I spoke to the Eye Cinema manager. The Metropolitan Opera in New York (‘The Met’ to those in the know ) decided to license a satellite connection with cinemas around the world that had a digital projection capability. The Eye Cinema in Wellpark has the technology to do this, and you can watch a live performance of what is being performed at the matinee in New York. The broadcast is in high definition and is screened here at approximately 6pm, which gives you time to have something to eat beforehand or afterwards. The g Hotel offers packages such as a two course meal and opera ticket for €49 per person, or pink afternoon tea and opera ticket for €55 per person.

I was curious as to whether these opera nights are popular, and apparently the widely known operas like Il Trovatore and Lucia di Lammermoor are all booked out well in advance. An added attraction is the fact that during the break the cameras go backstage, so in fact you get to see more than if you actually attended in person in New York. Prices are typically €25 for the opera alone. For further information call the g Hotel on (091 ) 865200 or email [email protected]


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