Cinema Review - Just Go With It

I lost all love for Adam Sandler films a long time ago, as they all seemed to be the same old thing on endless repeat, however I am willing to re-evaluate my opinion of him as Just Go With It managed to keep the annoying at bay and the hilarious gags coming.

This romantic comedy is not actually that bad, it is certainly worth a trip to the cinema if you are looking for a film that will keep you laughing. There is also something in it for the guys too. Jennifer Aniston is also back to full form, both in comedy prowess and showing of the bikini bod (so jealous! ).

The film revolves around plastic surgeon Danny (Sandler ) who once had his heart broken when his high school sweet-heart bad mouthed him moments before they are due to marry. While drinking his sorrows away Danny discovers the benefits of hanging on to the wedding band and letting women believe he is an unhappy marriage to get them into bed. Years later, the notches on the bed post have increased and the lies become more elaborate, it seems that Danny is determined to stay the rich bachelor player, until of course he meets the young and beautiful Palmer (Brooklyn Decker ). Believing that Palmer is the one, Danny enlists his dowdy dressing single mum assistant Katherine (Aniston ) to pretend that she is his soon-to-be divorced wife.

The unwilling Katherine milks this web of lies for all she can, getting Danny to fork out on all kinds of designer gear. Suddenly Katherine is looking more yummy mummy and Danny’s interest peaks. However with lies come slip ups and Danny is forced to pretend that he has children too, in fact Katherine’s children, Maggie (Bailee Madison ), an aspiring actress obsessed with cultivating an odd English accent, and Michael (Griffin Gluck ) who eventually fools Danny into taking them all to Hawaii.

Once in Hawaii, the comedy goes into over-drive with Danny surviving one sticky situation after another and Katherine spinning a few fibs to impress a snobby old college chum, Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman ). Juggling so many lies lead to a lot of laughs in this flick with love being found in the most unlikely of places.

For once, Sandler is not taking centre stage in the gag department, Aniston is certainly able to keep up, and sometimes out-shines her co-star. There are also some hilarious and cringy moments by Danny’s weird cousin Eddie, played by Nick Swardson, with one scene involving a sheep - it’s not what you think though! Check this rom-com out.

Verdict: 4/5


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