Slender range available at Matt O’Flaherty Chemists

The Slender range which is now available from Matt O’Flaherty Chemists is a 100 per cent natural weight loss range which consists of new Slender Xcellerate plusSlender Sleep, Slender Pro Active and Slender Pu’erh Tea.

Slender Xcellerate PLUS is a food supplement that now contains chilli extract along with Green Tea and Yerba Mate extracts, which can influence the uptake of sugar and fat from the diet.

Chilli Peppers have a natural ability to burn fat as they use up calories to produce heat. This thermogenic effect is complementary to that of the Green Tea and Yerba Mate, and increases the overall result. Benefits of Chilli Extract: Burns more calories, increases metabolism, increases satiety, Stimulates digestion.

Writer Amanda Brunker went from a size 16 to a size 8/10 in just 12 months on the Slender Xcellerate programme in 2008. She now wants to let you know about the new Slender Xcellerate PLUS – now with Chilli extract which may give you even better results!

“As you all know, I lost four stone back in 2008 with Slender Xcellerate supplements and Slender Pu’erh Tea. I literally went from a size 16 to a size 8/10, so I’m now half the woman I used to be!

“I’m so happy that I did the Slender Xcellerate programme as it really spurred me on to lose the weight and the results were amazing for me – it really does work. Plus I’ve so much more energy now which is a big help as I’ve two very active little boys and an extremely busy career!

“I’m so happy that I’ve managed to keep my figure since, but of course we all fluctuate a bit at times as we indulge but I try to keep myself in check by drinking the tea and taking the supplements when I feel I need to.

“I love the Slender Xcellerate programme as I can work it in with my own busy schedule and it helps to remind me to eat healthier and of course to have regular meals. The fact that the supplements are 100 per cent natural is an added bonus too. So I was delighted when I heard that they were adding chilli extract to the existing ingredients in the supplements. I’ve been hearing about the calorie busting benefits of chillis for years - it’s a great ingredient. So I’m thrilled to introduce to everyone the new Slender Xcellerate PLUS. So if you want to spice up your life and drop a few inches or pounds, then try new Slender Xcellerate PLUS!”

Three Slender Xcellerate PLUS tablets are recommended daily for a minimum of 12 weeks (one tablet to be taken with water after each main meal ). Slender Xcellerate PLUS is a food supplement that works to help you lose weight as part of a three-month programme.

The Slender range is available from Matt O”Flaherty Chemists, Galway. Priced from €9.95-€39.95


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