Dolan calls for debate between Galway East candidates

Michael F Dolan.

Michael F Dolan.

Fianna Fáil Galway East candidate Michael F Dolan is calling for a cross-party debate between the election candidates on the issues affecting the constituency.

In explaining his proposal. Mr Dolan said he had “no interest in political games and tactics” and wanted “the election in Galway East to be entirely focused on what the people of this county needs”.

Mr Dolan, who runs an accountancy firm in Loughrea, said that in his work he deals with families who are “facing enormous challenges” due to the economic crisis.

“Many people are struggling financially and are seeking all the support they can get at this time,” he said. “ These people don’t want to hear politicians bickering with one another or trying to outdo each other. They just want to know what can be done for them.”

Mr Dolan accused Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny of “running scared” from the TV debates and said he hoped FG candidates Senator Ciaran Cannon and councillors Paul Connaughton, Jimmy McClearn, and Tom McHugh would be “more willing than their party leader” to engage in a debate with him.


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