Actions - daring dance show for Town Hall

“DARING PHYSICAL feats? Check. Competitiveness? Check. Underlying, shrugged-off, affection? Check...wonderfully enjoyable, skilfully paced, and full of small surprises.”

So said New York’s The Village Voice about Actions, the new show from the Irish Modern Dance Theatre, which will be performed at the Town Hall Theatre on Saturday at 8pm.

The show is choreographed and directed by John Scott who is considered Ireland’s most radical choreographer, known for pushing dance to its limits with humour, athletic dancing, technical brilliance, and emotion

Actions is a physical conversation between two individuals in empty space. It unfolds as a battle through the dance space using physicality, lifts, falls, text, and sound. The dancers in the piece are Philip Connaughton (Ireland ) and Mark Mann (New York ) with music by Meredith Monk.

As an added extra to this New Year Irish tour, the company will perform its hugely acclaimed, and Beckett-esque, The Bowing Dance, created and performed by John Scott.

Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and


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