JCI to welcome new members at open night

Have fun. Give something back to the community. Meet new people. Explore your interests and passions. Enhance your skills, career options and your CV. These are just some of the myriad benefits of joining JCI Galway tonight (Thursday ).

JCI or Junior Chamber International is a dynamic international community of young people with the aim of providing development opportunities that empower its members to create positive change. With a network of more than 200,000 active members and millions of alumni participating in more than 6000 local organisations across the world; JCI is a place where young leaders meet, learn and grow.

JCI members are individuals who want to succeed, who want to be better and who want to improve the world in a positive and proactive way. Members come from all walks of life; from university students to corporate executives, from self employed professionals and business people to employees of multinationals or state organisations but all share a common goal in terms of self improvement and contribution to society.

Getting involved with JCI Galway offers an ideal opportunity for students to meet new people and expand both their personal and professional network, to get involved and give something back to the community, to have fun and to develop the skills to make their CV stand out in a competitive labour market.

There are four areas within the organisation where members can get involved — individual, international, community, and business. Opportunities to organise projects and/or participate in training programmes are conducted in each area and members are free to get involved in as much or as little as they like.

The opportunities at JCI are endless. You could get involved in a personal development training programme, attend an international JCI conference on the other side of the world or plan and organise a worthy community project with fellow members.

“2010 was another tremendous year for JCI Galway and it is without doubt that 2011 will be just as fun and action packed’’ said JCI Galway President Sean Rowland. ‘’2011 promises another year of fantastic projects such as the 44th Tourist Guide, the 13th Galway Young Entrepreneur awards, the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the world award, Easter Egg Project, Tag Rugby and much much more. In addition, 2011 will see us celebrate 50 years of active community involvement! ”

‘’From a career perspective, JCI has been invaluable in helping me develop the skills that employers look for and putting me in touch with contacts in the industry I’m looking to move into’’ enthused recent NUI Galway psychology graduate Odhran Irwin. ‘’I have met some amazing people and have had lots of fun along the way. I’d recommend students from any discipline to come along to one of our meetings to see what we’re all about.’’

Along with a wide variety of projects and training opportunities; JCI offer a smorgasbord of social events including bowling, barbecues, quiz nights, ballroom dancing, training workshops, surfing and photography classes so there’s something for everyone.

So if you feel like you would like to get involved in a vibrant organisation to grow on both a personal and professional level and to give something back to the community then come along to JCI Galway’s open night tonight Thursday, January 27 at Busker Brown’s at 8:00pm.

For further information you can contact Lorraine (membership officer ) at [email protected] or Sean (president JCI, Galway ) at [email protected] or call on 086 3103397


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