Bananas, cream, and Nina Amazing

THE SECRET Is In The Banana Cream Cheese Icing is the wonderfully titled new exhibition from the Galway artist with the equally wonderful name of Nina Amazing.

The exhibition will run in Bar Eight at the Docks from this Sunday until February 19, with the official opening taking place on Wednesday January 12 at 6pm.

The Secret Is In The Banana Cream Cheese Icing is a collection of new works, which are a continuation of Amazing’s ongoing series of digital collage narratives. In these narratives Spandex-clad fictional characters face off with ‘derailed’ popular icons in a decadent, disturbing, and fantastic world.

Nina’s unwieldy titles combine with low-res imagery to provide an ironic twist that nods, albeit in highly pixelated colour, to punk zines and their Dadaist precursors. With no formal visual arts training, Nina creates dark and humorous commentaries on popular culture, gender politics, and violence.

Nina is a visual artist based in Galway. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ireland as well as in New York, Miami. For more information see



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