Adopt or foster a collie this month

A Connemara based dog rescue and adoption service has launched a collie adoption and fostering campaign for the month of November.

The Camus-based service called MADRA is seeking people with an interest in the breed to provide homes for the many sheepdogs on the shelter’s books.

It is also looking for collie assessors to foster a sheepdog for two weeks in order to review his/her temperament and provide some basic training. All fosterers will receive full training and support.

The campaign is in response to the growing problem of abandoned and un-wanted collies and sheepdogs which are being rescued by the charity weekly. One third of the dogs at the shelter are sheepdogs.

Chairperson of MADRA Marina Fiddler explains the collie adoption or fostering programme will allow the charity to rescue additional abandoned, unwanted, neglected or abused dogs from the pound.

She says the fostering programme is an “excellent opportunity” for people to learn about the breed. The initiative will also provide an introduction to dog ownership for those who are considering adopting a dog in the future.

“We are currently over capacity at MADRA and have introduced this campaign in the hope that collie foster homes and adoptions will help to alleviate the overcrowding problem we are currently experiencing. This in turn will allow us to continue to rescue unclaimed dogs from the pound and owner surrendered dogs. It will also help to introduce people to these fantastic dogs and highlight the wonderful characteristics present in sheepdogs.”

Collies are very intelligent dogs, best suited to owners with active lifestyles and well secured gardens, she outlines.

“With plenty of exercise and mental stimulation collies can become an excellent pet or work companion. They are incredibly loyal and very eager to please. They have lived alongside humans for centuries working together in the fields with the cattle and sheep. They are acknowledged as the most intelligent of all the dog breeds and can be trained to do practically anything from search and rescue right down to the dancing dog on Britain’s Got Talent.

People seeking a new outdoor hobby can bring their collie to the Galway Dog Training Club’s agility classes where dogs learn to jump fences and run through tunnels. A new programme begins in the New Year.


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