Oranmore gym offers new concept in weight loss

A new fitness facility in Oranmore is offering people the opportunity to lose weight permanently using a new system which aims to change clients’ attitudes to lifestyle, diet, and exercise.

Educogym in Oranmore is offering free consultations to people who want to find out more about this new approach to health and fitness. The Educogym system incorporates a holistic approach to diet and exercise, ensuring each client has the right nutrition and exercise regime for optimum results.

The Oranmore facility is one of dozens of Educogyms around the world which are revolutionising our approach to weight loss.

Weight training exercises are undertaken under the supervision of an Educo trainer who ensure clients are targeting the right muscle groups. Weight training is focused on burning fat and developing calorie-hungry muscle rather than with building bulk.

Careful weight training can provide a number of benefits to women and those over 50, including improved strength and reduced risk of a number of conditions including arthritis and osteoporosis.

A recent study found that Educogym clients lost an average of seven pounds of fat and gained three pounds of muscle in 12 days, completing a total of four hours of exercise in that time.

By developing small amounts of muscle the body will burn more calories, even when at rest, thereby reducing the excess which often ends up being stored as fat.

To avail of a free consultation call to Educogym in Main Street, Oranmore.


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