Blasted - ‘a disgusting feast of filth’

Helen Varden and Maggie Gilcoyne of Banjaxed Theatre.

Helen Varden and Maggie Gilcoyne of Banjaxed Theatre.

WHEN BLASTED was first performed on the British stage in 1995, it was regarded as “a disgusting feast of filth”, but now it is hailed as a modern classic.

Blasted by the late Sarah Kane will be performed by Banjaxed theatre company in the Druid Lane Theatre on Wednesday October 27 and Thursday 28 at 10pm and 6pm as part of the Galway Theatre Festival.

Kane’s debut play depicts the relationship between an ageing journalist and a young woman in a Leeds hotel room in the wake of dystopian war. It was deeply shocking for its controversial treatment of sado-masochism, rape, and violence.

The play is being presented by Banjaxed which was founded in Galway in 2009 by Helen Varden and Maggie Kilcoyne. Blasted will be directed by Helen Varden and star Ben Mulhern (Ian ), Maggie Kilcoyne (Cate ), and Kevin Walsh (the soldier ).

“Blasted can be seen as a very unlikeable play, in that it is offensive,” says director Varden. “However, it’s a very important play in many ways because it literally shoves unlikeable and offensive things about society into your face for 90 minutes. Blasted forces us to address these issues, whether we like it or not.”

Admission is €12/10. Over 16s only. Viewer discretion is advised. For more information contact the Town Hall Theatre (091 - 569777, ).


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