Brendon Burns - talkin’ ‘bout God, sex, and the universe

THE IF.Comedy Award winning comedian Brendon Burns is brining his new show ‘Y’know Love n God n Metaphysics n Shit’ to this year’s Galway Comedy Festival.

Brendon will be performing the show on Friday October 22 in the Radisson Live Lounge, alongside Andrew Maxwell, Dead Cat Bounce, and Eric Lalor, and in the Town Hall theatre on Saturday 23, alongside Rich Hall and Jason Byrne.

In ‘Y’know Love n God n Metaphysics n Shit’, Australian Brendon will talk about being single and not enjoying it, his failed sexual encounters with women, as well as the political and moral choices we seem to be given in Western society.

He will also tackle the subject of atheism with his personal take on spirituality, quantum physics, pantheism (Nature and God being one and the same ), sentience, accountability, and evolution, marrying them all in a conclusive human need for allegory to explain life, the universe, and everything.

Brendon’s debut semi-autobiographical novel Fear & Hat Loss In Las Vegas was published recently by Transworld. He will also be releasing a DVD of his new show in 2011.

For tickets contact Zhivago, Shop Street, the Town Hall Theatre (091 - 569777 ), or see A limited number of tickets will also be available on the door.


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