The Other Guys

THE OTHER Guys takes the cringy moments from cop movies, and there have been plenty, to produce a laugh-a-minute look at one section of the New York City police where the heroes are worshipped like gods by their bootlicking colleagues and where there is always one idiot, cue Will Ferrell.

The film begins with a familiar voice describing the way things are in the New York police department. There are the guys who do all the action, there are guys who love and back-up the action guys, and then, there are the other guys, guys like Allen Gamble (Ferrell ). The film focuses on Gamble and his partner Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg ) as they struggle, and fumble, in their attempts to solve a high-profile financial crime and gain respect.

A high-speed chase bursts onto the screen with NYPD detectives Christopher Danson (Dwayne Johnson ) and PK Highsmith (Samuel L Jackson ), the coolest cops in the city, of course getting the bad guys. When their rollercoaster ends in a blaze of glory everyone is vying to fill those big boots. Hoitz, who has been punished for past mistakes by being partnered with Gamble, sees this as an opportunity.

Gamble is more interested in staying at this desk, searching through financial fraud cases, than going out into the big bad world despite the fact that his so-called colleagues humiliate him. Hoitz finally convinces his partner to get out there only to crash right into a crime scene. Oooops!

This does not deter Gamble who is convinced that high-flying businessman David Ershon (Steve Coogan ) has committed a serious financial crime. However his cocaine-covered car, carrying a hand-cuffed Ershon, is taken by suspicious types and he and Hoitz return to the station to face even more ridicule.

Through some stupid and hilarious daring stunts, lots of falling out, and some bro-mance partner building, Hoitz and Gamble must learn to work together and believe in the case they are chasing.

I laughed throughout the movie but there were moments, especially in the middle, which were a bit drawn out. Apart from that there were some brilliant comedy moments - a silent, mimed, fight at a funeral; the revelation of Gamble’s less than favourable past; and Hoitz struggling to come to terms with his partner’s improbable ability to attract gorgeous women.

Verdict: 4/5


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