Have a fictional portrait taken

WHAT HAPPENS if you take photos of numerous people then merge them all together to create a photo of just one person? You get a fictional portrait.

English band James did this on their 2001 album Pleased To Meet You and Galway photographer Paul Maye will do this as well in the Artspace Studios in Liosbán tomorrow as part of Galway Culture Night.

The aim is to create a series of high resolution digital portraits of fictional individuals using digital compositing techniques.

Galwegians can take part in the fun by going to the studios between 7pm and 10pm and have a free professional photographic portrait taken. Participants will be asked to sign over image usage rights and will receive a high resolution which they can keep.

This image can then be brought to the Fuji Centre on Shop Street Galway to avail of reduced price printing. As the final portrait has to be fictitious it must not resemble or bear any strong likeness to that of any individual participant.

As part of Culture Night Artspace Studios will also host open studios, exhibitions, and free workshop from 5pm to 9pm.

There will be An Introduction to fine art printmaking with Mark Kelly (6pm to 9pm ); animation with Aideen Barry (5pm to 6pm ); and wall painting for all ages.

For more information contact Artspace, 7/8 Addley Park, Liosbán, Tuam Road, on 091 - 773046, email [email protected], or see www.artspacegalway.com


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