Argentine tango at the Town Hall

FOR THE more adventurous musical types why not experience something completely unique and sample the magic, rhythm and passion of Argentine Tango.

On Wedndesday 11th August at 8pm the first ever Argentinean traditional tango orchestra will visit the city of the Tribes and it promises to be an unforgettable evening of uplifting sounds and beats.

Sexteto Abran Cancha is inspired by the great tango orchestras of the forties and features the classic tango line-up of bandoneons, violins, piano and double bass along with the vocals of bandleader Ariel Vieytes. There will also be a special guest appearance by Tango dancers, Marion and Enrique on the night .

“Sexteto Abran Cancha is a group of young yet experienced musicians trained by the old Maestros from Buenos Aires, and formed at the end in 2008. They interpret tango from the great orchestras that were in vogue during the forties such as Troilo, Pugliese, D’Arienzo, Di Sarli and Salgán. Sexteto Abran Cancha recreate the most representative tangos from well known orchestras like Quejas de Bandoneón, La Yumba, La Cumparsita, Bahía Blanca and A Fuego Lento. Because every style and arrangement is carefully executed, the sexteto faces a tall challenge: the lack of original scores. No one knows what happened to them. Some were lost and others simply forgotten. This means that these talented musicians also shine in their work of transcribing those tangos. Listening to the original recordings they decipher note by note the part of each of the instruments that form the orchestras and then adapt them to be played in a sextet formation.

This work is a significant cultural contribution not only because the genre is being revitalized but also because its expression is being preserved in its purest form. Sexteto Abran Cancha’s impressive repertoire is the perfect soundtrack for those who can actually tango and can also be happily enjoyed as a listening experience for those true music lovers with shy feet! Sexteto Abran Cancha play the Town Hall on Wednesday August 11. Tickets are €16 euro (€12 for students/unwaged and €10 for senior citizens ).

For more details on Sexteto Abran Cancha's there is audio, videos, pictures and more at

Tickets are available from the Town Hall on 091 - 569777 and



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