Seventy five years in business — John Mulholland Bookmaker joins major online presence

Alan Mulholland.

Alan Mulholland.

Galway bookmaker Alan Mulholland representing John Mulholland Bookmaker was recently involved in what was a historic move for the Irish betting industry when his company joined six other Irish independent bookmakers to form an online presence called

The seven members of BetPack are now in a stronger position with their customers as they can provide them with an online offering when shops are not opened and this new site will see an increase in the range of markets the bookmakers can offer. It will give small independent bookmakers the chance to compete on a level playing field with large international bookmakers.

Galway native Mulholland has joined his bookmakers with Terry Rogers, Tully Bookmakers, Track Bookmakers, Bambury’s, Hackett’s and Toolan Bookmakers to form the online presence. In total all seven bookmakers have 180 shops nationwide making Ireland’s largest independent bookmakers online.

The local bookmakers also generate revenue by customers signing up with promotional codes they have received in store, as the bookmaker is then given a percentage of the net revenue of each customer attached to them.

Alan Mulholland sees this as one of the biggest developments in bookmaking in Ireland. “The decision for seven of Ireland’s best known local bookmakers to come together and form an online presence is a huge development for the industry. We were losing approximately 25 per cent of earnings to online betting once we closed our shops in the evening and now we can develop a relationship with our customers both over the counter and through the website. It is a boost to every bookmaker involved as this will now help safeguard the jobs of our staff while also helping to engage with more customers online.”

Mr Mulholland also sees BetPack expanding with the possibility of more independent bookmakers joining BetPack in the future. “Since we went online with BetPack, even before we were officially launched and the news got around the bookmaking circuit, there have been enquiries every day from bookmakers looking to get involved. We wanted to see how this initial launch phase goes and there may be additional independent bookmakers coming on board,” Mr Mulholland stated.

John Mulholland Bookmaker is a privately owned family firm, operating exclusively in the west of Ireland. Founded in the 1930s by John Mulholland snr., 2010 sees the company celebrate its 75th year in business. John Mulholland Bookmaker is now established as a west of Ireland landmark with 20 outlets, situated in Galway, Mayo and Limerick.


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