forty per cent of workers will not retire at 65, says new survey

According to a new survey, over 40 per cent of people plan to continue working beyond the official age of retirement (currently at 65 years ).

While over a third (36 per cent ) of people said they planned to keep working to stay busy, 50 per cent revealed that they believed they will have to keep working to make ends meet. 7 per cent said they thought that at 65 they would be too young to retire and another 7 per cent said they enjoyed their job so much they wanted to keep doing it.

Comparing the ages of the respondents, it was revealed that older workers were more inclined to want to work beyond retirement. 60 per cent of respondents in the 46-55 age-bracket were keen to keep going, while at the other end of the scale 80 per cent of the under 25s did not want to work beyond retirement age.

Valerie Sorohan, Marketing Manger, commented: “Our findings highlight the fact that many workers within 10-

“15 years of retirement are in fact keen to continue working and mainly because they want to keep busy. Older workers can and do add real value to the workplace, bringing their experience and creativity to the world of work. As the number of older people in work grows it confirms the crucial role that lifelong learning plays in all our working lives.”

The survey also uncovered differences in the ages that people would like to retire at, versus the age they expect to be able to retire.


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