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Bring the birds into your garden

There must be very few people in this world who don’t enjoy the beautiful sounds of birds singing outside their window. Perhaps we don’t get to hear them as much in the winter time, but they brighten up the place when invited.

Just like people, birds won’t keep coming to the same place unless they feel they are wanted there, or something attracts them. If you feel like a little bird company, you can show them you want them in your garden in a few simple ways. A good start is to build or buy a few birdhouses that you will be then filling with food and water on a regular basis. If you leave out food and water once in a while, the birds might not keep coming back, knowing the food will not always be there.

You can also add in a couple of landscape plantings to your garden to make the place more attractive to your feathered friends. A few trees or large shrubs will provide birds with a comfortable perch and shelter from the elements. Many species of birds migrate for the winter to places where the climate is warmer. If they find a place that suits them and they feel secure in it, (that includes food, water, and shelter ), they will come back there year after year, whether it is a big garden or a tiny back garden with little room, but where birds are welcome any time.

If you know a little about birds, you probably also know that different species like different environments. Some birds enjoy nesting in high trees, while others prefer living on or close to the ground. All birds have something in common though; they don’t fare well around cats, so if you have cats in your household attracting birds to your garden might not be in the birds’ best interests.

Before you start taking any action, try to find out as much as you can about the type of birds you would like to attract. This way, you will know how best to prepare the garden for their arrival. Always remember to provide the simple things they will need in order to survive. Clean drinking water is as essential for birds as it is for us. As for food, in the winter seeds will be the most common type of food, whereas in the summer months, your feathered friends should appreciate nectar, insects, fruits, and berries.



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