She’s Out of My League

They say love is blind, so when geeky but loveable Kirk bagged a ‘hard 10’ hottie like Molly he couldn’t believe his luck, and neither could anyone else. Not exactly a laugh a minute but it will definitely put a smile on your face.

The film follows airport security loser Kirk (Jay Baruchel ) as he somehow, quite accidentally, lands the date of a lifetime with a gorgeous, way-out-of-his-league, events organiser Molly (Alice Eve ). The most surprising thing is that after the first date, she wants more. However, Kirk’s self-esteem issues and disbelief that Molly really does like him for who he is leads to some hilarious moments of dating-destruction.

When we first meet Kirk, we think a nice guy but a bit of a door mat. It’s been two years since he split up with his ex-girlfriend yet he still pines after her. Even his family, who have half-adopted the ex and her new boyfriend, stamp their bully feet all over Kirk and he takes it. So, it’s little wonder his self-esteem has gone down the pan. His life suddenly and drastically changes when he meets Molly during airport security checks.

Molly is used to guys hitting on her, but at times she seems nearly unaware of it. She is touched when Kirk comes to the rescue after his boss tries to take advantage of security procedures. A chance mislaying of a phone leads to Kirk being invited to an event organised by Molly and then somehow to dates. During all of this Kirk acts like he has been hit over the head, not believing that he is really that lucky or deserving. His behaviour is not helped by some of his best friends who claim that Kirk, a definite four or five out of 10, could never last with Molly, who is easily a ‘hard 10’.

The blossoming relationship is plagued with awkward introductions to family, ‘over exciting’ steamy kissing sessions, an intimidating ex-boyfriend, and endless mishaps but Molly remains keen. The film sees Kirk struggling to come to terms with reality that love has many forms, to stand up to the naysayers, and to seize the day.

Although it wasn’t the greatest comedy the film was very enjoyable and is worth a look.

Verdict: 3.5/5


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