Headford Road Community Centre of “critical urgency”

The much anticipated Headford Road Community Centre is long overdue and has reached a point of “critical urgency”, according to Labour councillor Derek Nolan.

Cllr Nolan will meet with city hall officials tomorrow morning to discuss the centre, where it is anticipated that revised plans for its development will be put forward.

“Because of our developer-led planning system, the Headford Road area saw a raft of new development over the last decade, without the corresponding community infrastructure. While the population increased by over 60 per cent, there were no playing pitches built, no playgrounds built, and we are still only talking about a community centre. It’s just not good enough.”

Cllr Nolan said that he was very familiar with the area and that he has witnessed first hand that there are teenagers there now who have already unfairly “missed out” on the benefits of having a centre. However, he said that there are large numbers of young children and families who can still benefit if action is taken soon.

“This is why the project is of such critical urgency and I will be insisting on this to officials on Friday,” said Cllr Nolan who last January amended the draft City Development Plan to include playing pitches for the Headford Road.

“If the community centre goes ahead quickly, together with my proposal in the City Development Plan, then we will be on our way to addressing the infrastructure deficit and providing real community space for the Headford Road,” he said.



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