Volkswagen brake fluid change and safety check offer

Volkswagen is offering a special brake fluid change and safety check offer.

From now until June 30 customers can avail of a routine brake fluid change for €49.99 incl VAT and they will also receive a free vehicle health check.

VW will drain brake fluid and renew using Volkswagen original brake fluid and then test the braking system. It will be recorded in the service book and VW will also dispose of the old brake fluid in accordance with environmental regulations. Finally, a technician will perform a vehicle health check.

The operational safety of any vehicle begins with the brakes. Healthy brake fluid is vital to ensure the braking system is in tip-top condition. Unfortunately, brake fluid does not last forever, brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.

In time the moisture content builds up and can reduce the effectiveness of a braking system and will also cause damage to the braking system components. It is therefore imperative that the old brake fluid is completely removed from the system and changed with new brake fluid.

It is recommend this is done every two years in order to ensure the braking system operates at the optimum level as it was designed to do.


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