New Insight hybrid among the Honda stars of 2010

The introduction of two new hybrid cars are among the highlights of 2010 for Honda cars. The Insight five-door hatchback has already arrived, while the exciting CR-Z sport coupe will be here in the summer. The new Insight is a tax band A car with an entry level starting price of €22,378 (incl VRT refund ).

Honda has also just welcomed a 1.4 three-door option to the Civic range.

Universal Honda is confident it now has a well-priced range of cars that meets the demands of the local market. In addition, and by way of a quality endorsement, Honda products achieved many accolades in 2009. Most notable were Jazz being crowned the 2010 Continental Irish Small Car of the Year by the Irish Motoring Writer’s Association and also being voted Britain’s most reliable car in a comprehensive UK Which? magazine survey.

Frank Kennedy, sales and marketing director of Universal Honda, reflected: “We in Honda look forward with confidence in 2010 - the introduction of new fuel efficient hybrid and petrol options will qualify 75 per cent of our projected sales for tax band A or B benefits including the all important scrappage scheme VRT relief. In addition to the introduction of the new affordable Insight Hybrid, we look forward to the exciting CR-Z hybrid sport coupe in the summer.

“We have also revised many of our retail prices to reflect current economic circumstances and these key changes, coupled with the high levels of standard specification and safety features synonymous with Honda, now deliver outstanding value for money for a premium product. In spite of the decline in demand for new cars and the stiff competition in the market place we believe the new products and initiatives we are introducing will create the potential to increase our market share in 2010.”

The mystery and hype surrounding hybrid vehicles is fading as car drivers are now more conscious of the impact of lower CO2 emissions on both the environment and their pockets. Honda says Civic IMA owners already benefit from the lowest annual road tax of €104 and a VRT refund of €2,500 and now recommended retail prices for the 2010 Civic four-door option start at €23,875 (incl VRT refund ) while also enjoying the benefit of many interior and exterior enhancements. Additionally, Honda has recently expanded the hybrid range with the launch of Insight. It is a five-door hatchback that achieves exceptional fuel economy 4.4l/100km and low CO2 emissions starting at 101g/km. Its practical and spacious interior can accommodate five people and it has a flexible and class-leading load space of 408 litres.

Both the Insight and CR-Z hybrids will be driven by the i.4 i-VTEC engine already equipped in the Civic IMA hybrid.



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