Want to lose weight and feel great?

Zest4life is based on Patrick Holford’s Low GL programme. Patrick Holford is a leading nutritional therapist and is the author of some 20 books. Low GL has been tested and is backed by hundreds of scientific papers.

Why is Zest4life different to other diets?

• No deprivation, encourages you to eat regular healthy meals and snacks.

• No shakes, bars, no gimmicks.

• Includes a wide variety of easily accessible foods.

• Includes tasty and nutritious foods.

• Aids reduction of cravings.

• Helps prevent energy dips.

What is Low GL?

Low GL is low glycemic load. It encourages you to eat low GL foods in order to balance blood sugar levels; this will satisfy you, stop you feeling hungry, and improve your energy and vitality.

When attending a Zest4life group you will lose weight, increase energy, and improve vitality and wellbeing permanently. You will learn about nutrition, how to improve your eating habits, and get expert guidance from weight loss coaches.

To find out more take a free health and energy test or attend one free session. For more call Cathriona at (086 ) 2102301 or Susan at (086 ) 8934131, or email [email protected] or [email protected]


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