Learning while helping others

A series of seminars which hopes to raise money to help the poor, and educate the people of Galway, has been organised by Seán Connaughton, a part time lecturer at GMIT. Motivated by the success of former students who referenced their experience and motivation to their time at GMIT, Connaughton, has Trio Seminars, a training experience which he hopes will benfit the wider community.

Connaughton says: “People are far more resourceful, productive, and skillful than they give themselves credit for. A positive environment fuels the want to learn more.” At the launch of Trio Seminars Connaughton said “Knowing how other, especially local people, have succeeded in their lives offers a sense of hope which triggers you to become more focused and motivated.”

A visit by Connaughton to the poorest part of Tanzania was organised by a student of the lecturer, with the purpose of observing and listening to the experiences of the Pallotti community in Singida. His visit was shared, through word of mouth, with the Presentation Sisters in Zambia who invited him for a similar experience. Since then Connaughton has raised €250,000 under his fundraising drive of Loving Life in the West of Ireland for Irish charities.

The people involved in the Loving Life in the West of Ireland drive are volunteers and give their time unconditionally. Mr Connaughton thanked the players of Connacht Rugby and the management and staff of the Menlo Park Hotel as well as the students of the GMIT for their tangible encouragement and support. A variety of events is planned over the coming months, which are all community based, with a promise to be memorable and add value to the lives of all those involved.

The Presentation Sisters are struggling in Zambia due to the world recession, which has seen a huge deficit in their resources. They have an urgent need to support vulnerable children in their orphanage. With the support of the Menlo Park Hotel, Connaughton has organised topical seminars on May 6 at 7pm entitled Being Self Confident; on May 13 at 7pm on Interviewing Skills and Techniques; and on May 20 at 7pm on Strengthening Career Opportunities. Interested participants are asked to call Sinéad on (087 ) 906 9203 or email [email protected] to book a place by offering a voluntary contribution to support the work on the ground in Zambia.


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