Helping your child through play therapy

Play therapy is an approach that uses the power of play to help children resolve a range of emotional, behavioural, and developmental issues.

If you have any concerns for your child in areas such as emotional and behavioural issues, parental separation, anxieties and fears, abuse and neglect, trauma, delayed or uneven development, nightmares, autistic spectrum, bereavement and loss, low self-esteem, communication difficulties, bullying, underperforming (academically, socially, culturally, or physically ), or adoption or fostering issues, play therapy could be the answer.

Sandra Moyles opened a specially designed play therapy room in Barna in 2009. Ms Moyles is an experienced Montessori teacher and has spent many years working with children in Kerry, Kildare, and Galway. Having received her diploma and membership of the Irish Association for Play Therapy, she opened her own private play therapy practice.

“Having created a trusting relationship in a safe environment which facilitates communication, play therapy children enter into a dynamic and fun relationship with the therapist where they can easily express themselves, explore their feelings, and make sense of their internal and external world,” Ms Moyles explained.

Children use play as their first form of communication as they often do not have the words to describe how they are feeling. Experience and research shows that children will naturally choose the relevant materials that will help them work on their difficulties. Play therapy is a completely safe and natural therapy to help the child move forward.

Sandra Moyles can be contacted at (086 ) 3739457, email [email protected]


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