Start 2010 by making a positive change

If you have found it difficult to keep to your New Year resolutions, whether it is to quit smoking, stop eating chocolate, or to strengthen your willpower and determination to achieve your goals, you can succeed with the right support.

Kevin O’Brien, a registered member of the Irish Hypnotherapy Association, is based in Galway. He holds a diploma in clinical and therapeutical hypnotherapy and trained with the Irish Hypnosis Academy at the University of Limerick.

People travel from far and wide to benefit from one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions, and O’Brien teaches his clients to reach inside and achieve amazing results. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, or gain confidence, O’Brien will help you to achieve the extraordinary.

Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult, but it is a lot easier than people think once they know how. Sudden, dramatic, weight loss using fad diets or plans is an unhealthy approach if not under the supervision of a GP. Dieting usually turns into a yo-yo cycle of weight loss and gain, but inevitably the weight gained is more than the person lost. Does this sound familiar?

Hypnosis enables an individual to focus on changing a thought or behaviour. It enables you to change what you feel is wrong in your thinking or behaviour into something that is more acceptable and pleasing.

Hypnosis can help anyone who could benefit from making a positive change to his/her life. It could be someone who will be making a wedding speech or giving a presentation at work, or who needs to study regularly for an exam or a driving test. If you would like further information contact Kevin O’Brien at or call (086 ) 795 8015 for a free consultation.


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