Hot Body thaws the frozen ice

Having spent Christmas and New Year’s housebound and gravitating towards the warmth of our fires and stoves, it only goes to show that we all crave that natural warmth when temperatures plummet beneath freezing. That natural hibernation has been unavoidable of late — and good for us. Although the heat indoors is attractive, being inactive has been unfortunately unavoidable. We all know that we need to exercise regularly in order to remain healthy. That is why doing yoga as your choice of exercise and allowing your body increase its temperature in a preheated room, 40°C, promotes massive benefits.

Imagine your body opening up fully, strengthening, stretching, and feeling supple, at ease, and energetic again. That is what you are guaranteed on the second floor of the Briarhill Shopping Centre at Galway 40° C Yoga. Fitness level, flexibility, age, or shape does not matter , because 40°C yoga works.

All you need to do is walk in at any time and take a class. There is no need to book as Galway 40° C Yoga is Galway’s largest yoga studio with guaranteed space. With people reporting very sudden weight loss, energy increases, and overall wellbeing it’s no wonder that Galway 40°C Yoga is happy for all men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to experience this 40°C heat healing yoga. For more information contact Galway 40°C Yoga at (087 ) 1210456 or visit


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