Cinema Review - Sherlock Holmes

Guy Richie has managed to claw his way back from the film industry rubbish heap to be once again on top of his game with this exciting and innovative take on the much loved character of Sherlock Holmes. Gone is all that ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’, nonsense and welcome a fast thinking, bare-knuckle punching, slightly mad (but in a good way ) detective that is so fun to watch you will be itching for a sequal.

This latest offering by Richie will help seal his position as one of the best British directors currently in the industry. The success of the film is helped greatly by the unbelievable chemistry between the two main actors, Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes ) and Jude Law (Dr John Watson ). Downey Jr has, in my opinion, always been a great actor but his full potential was never reached, until now that is. He manages to give Holmes all kinds of interesting layers; there is no question that the detective is a genius but he has so many flaws, namely his bouts of depression, his inclination for experimenting on himself and the poor dog, his need for danger, and his ‘bro-mantic’ attachment to Watson. Law, on the other hand, has never impressed me but here his performance is excellent, it just works. Watson is clearly just as clever as his famous partner and just as gifted, being an ex-soldier, at fighting off the enemy.

The film begins with the duo scuppering a black magic ritual. This results in the arrest and hanging of occult sorcerer Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong ). Believing that the case is closed Dr Watson prepares to give up detective work and marry his fiancée much to the dislike of Holmes. However, Blackwood mysteriously returns from the grave and a new killing spree has begun. The case is once again open and Holmes is in his element, getting Watson back on side, unravelling the many clues, stopping the deadly plots, while at the same time being tempted by ex-love and master thief Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams ).

There were moments when the plot went a bit too fast but all in all the film was extremely entertaining and you come out really liking the character of Holmes, the flawed genius. Clever, action-packed, and suspense, the film has it all with a hint of a potential sequal. Here’s hoping.Verdict: 4.5/5


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