Banish BO without chemicals

A solid stone deodorant which promises to banish body odour without the need for chemicals is the new must-have body product.

Great for sensitive armpits, the hypoallergenic formula in the Alvin Connor crystal rock deodorant means your skin will be left rash, sting and irritation free.

The makers say its mineral formula is a winner and it is guaranteed to keep nasty whiffs at bay all day long.

The product consists of mineral salts sourced from lakeland and volcanic areas around the world. These kill bacteria on the skin which make them ideal deodorants. While this deodorant will not stop you from sweating - only chemicals can block the skins pores - it will stop any odour developing.

Aloe vera is added to the mineral solution which acts as a moisturiser and comforter to the skin.

The Alvin Connor crystal rock deodrant costs €7.50 and can last for more than six months depending on use. To apply, simply wet the stick before application or apply directly after showering. It is available at local health stores or online by logging onto


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