Labour meeting on Yes to Lisbon

The Labour Party will hold a public meeting to outline the case for a Yes vote to the Lisbon Treaty on Monday September 14 at 7.30pm in the Menlo Park Hotel.

The main speakers will include Labour party president and Galway West TD Michael D Higgins, Dep Joe Costello, Labour spokesperson on Europe, and the journalist and former Labour EU candidate Susan O’Keefe.

“The Lisbon Treaty provides the rules we need so that all Europeans can continue to enjoy a peaceful and progressive society, underpinned by the twin principles of equality and democracy, which are enshrined in this treaty,” said Labour party councillor Niall McNelis.

Mr McNelis has been a leading local voice on the Pro-EU side and he argues that Ireland's membership of the EU has given the State “not just tangible benefits such as better roads, increased trade, and cleaner air, but it has broadened our mind and enabled a rich sharing of history and culture across the member states”.


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