Bohermore water problem almost resolved

Galway City Council has this week confirmed to Cllr Ollie Crowe that almost all of the houses in Bohermore now have their water back to a safe drinkable level.

“Shortly after getting elected I held a meeting with officials in the council and outlined the urgency of this matter. It was in my view not acceptable and I wanted this sorted for the people of Bohermore. They assured me they would give this matter their immediate attention,” said Crowe.

“Since this meeting, over the last few weeks they have carried out tests in 70 homes in Bohermore and almost all are now at a safe level. The Council has made some changes and also suggested some measures each household could take to minimise the risk. As a result of this, I have, this week, been informed by the director that only four houses now fall below the minimum acceptable level. These are to be monitored, and I am hopeful that these will also reach the required safe level,” he added.

“ There can be different reasons for this occurring within each individual home. I am satisfied that the council is making progress and as a result people are now able to drink and use their own tap water. I have also requested that each household involved is informed of this, as that is also important. Director of services Mr Ciaran Hayes at my suggestion has agreed to meet with the residents of Bohermore in the next couple of weeks"



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