Ballyloughane walkway should be open soon says Crowe

Cllr Crowe says that the Ballyloughnane Walkway should be fully reopened by June.

Cllr Crowe says that the Ballyloughnane Walkway should be fully reopened by June.


Councillor MJ Crowe confirmed this week that he is hopeful that the walkway difficulties in Ballyloughane will be resolved soon.

Cllr Crowe stated: “The original challenge was in securing funding to light the entire walkway along with a need to get agreement with the Army to ‘take in’ the piece of land on the walkway that is in their ownership and control.”

Crowe believes that talks had been progressing well initially, but towards the end of 2023 there had been a shift in approach from army personnel and progression in discussions began to stall. This had led to a different approach towards the project was taken.

“As most people are aware this escalated recently and the gates beside the barracks which lead in/out of the walkway are now closed and remain so. Consequently, with this closure the full enjoyment of the walkway cannot be experienced by the public.

“Talks are ongoing between Galway City Council and the Army. One of the main things that senior personnel sought in the Army was a Safety Audit. This should be complete in about two weeks. On completion, I am hopeful that this, along with other assurances should satisfy the Army concerns and see the walkway reopening in June,” said Cllr Crowe.

Cllr Crowe said: “I do believe, as stated above, that with continued pressure from all quarters the walkway will be fully reopen no later than sometime in June and that once this is done, the lighting can then be installed throughout.

“That said, I am very disappointed in the senior person or persons inside the Renmore Barracks who I believe could have had a far more positive approach to this matter. The people of Renmore and Galway City East want this walkway fully open and I would call on the senior army people in Renmore to do all they can to open it fully as soon as possible.”


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