Dress for success — part three

Outfit available in Tesco.

Outfit available in Tesco.

To conclude this feature, this week we will focus on the two others career categories.

If you are working in sectors where skills such as creativity or individuality are required (for instance advertising, arts, fashion, entertainment, etc, ) more flamboyant styles are accepted, even expected, using brighter colours and unique accessories. The way you dress should emphasise your personality and individuality.

Your capsule wardrobe should include, but is not limited to: dresses/skirts, jackets/coats, several tops in unique styles, colours, and patterns, jeans, a trouser/skirt suit (unmatched style is preferable ) for formal meetings/appointments, accessories, shoes, and bags in various styles and colours.

I recommend you choose good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched with the casual and work clothes. You will get more wear out of them.


• Be groomed.

• Choose colours and styles that enhance your personality and individuality.

• Up to date styles, especially if you work in the fashion industry (but this does not mean that you have to follow the fashion, stick to the style ).


• Showing too much flesh is not appropriate.

• Don’t go over the top when accessorising.

• Avoid boring looks.

If your job demands you to appear friendly, approachable, or knowledgeable (eg, retail, teaching, social, etc ), you should wear colours in medium depth (teal, beige, salmon, etc ) instead of dark colours, which convey authority. A variety of styles can be worn as long as you are comfortable and your look is friendly and approachable. I advise you not to wear anything too revealing, and to avoid wearing too much make up or bold colours.

Among your wardrobe essentials are: unmatched suits, tailored trousers, jeans can be acceptable (in teaching for example ), dresses/skirts/pants/tops in various styles and colours.

Again you can easily create a versatile capsule wardrobe with pieces from your work and casual looks. Make sure that they suit your body shape and your colouring as you will save money in the long run.

In next week’s column: Packing for holidays.


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