Galway to show solidarity with Shell to Sea campaigners

Reclaim Irish Resources will hold a public meeting tonight on the issue of nationalising Corrib Gas in Richardson’s, Eyre Square, at 8pm.

The speakers include Maura Harrington and Pat O’Donnell from the Rossport area and Maggie Heneghan from Galway. At the meeting they will argue that the valuable natural resources of the Corrib Gas Field have been “given away for nothing by the Irish Government to multinational companies”. They will also argue that the Government has the power to re-negotiate the original terms of the deals agreed with these companies.

Some media reports estimate that up to a trillion euros to the Irish economy has been squandered through the terms and conditions of such agreements.

Maura Harrington is an activist in the Shell to Sea campaign. Pat O’Donnell is a fisherman from the area who recently had his boat scuppered by masked attackers. Maggie Heneghan is a local political activist and campaigner.

On Saturday at 3pm, beside the Oscar Wilde statue, there will be an informal gathering to show support and solidarity with the people of Erris and their concerns over the Corrib Gas Project at Glengad. There will be a call for suspension of work on the project pending an independent inquiry into the attacks by masked men on Willie Corduff, by armed and masked men on Pat O’Donnell, and the sinking of Pat O’Donnell’s boat. Speakers will include Maura Harrington and others from Erris, together with local politicians and activists.


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