World renowned osteoporosis expert to speak in Galway

Aoife Ní Eochaidh, chartered physiotherapist, clinical specialist in pelvic, bone, women and men’s health, who is based at Suite 10, Bon Secours Consultant’s Clinic, in Galway, is organising a health seminar for the general public to raise awareness around bone health and to raise funds for the charity, the Irish Osteoporosis Society. The seminar will be held in the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, on Tuesday January 9 from 7pm to 9pm, with doors open at 6.30pm. There will be three speakers on the night, Prof Moira O’Brien, president, the Irish Osteoporosis Society, Michele O’Brien, CEO, the Irish Osteoporosis Society, and Aoife Ni Eochaidh.

Prof Moira O’Brien is emeritus professor of anatomy at Trinity College Dublin; she is the first full time female professor in the medical facility in TCD. She is currently the only osteoporosis consultant in Ireland, and sports medicine consultant at Affidea, Dundrum. She was a member of the European Olympic Medical Commission and Board of the Federation International Medicine Sportive. She is also founder and president of the Irish Osteoporosis Society.

Michele O’Brien is the CEO of the Irish Osteoporosis Society. She also manages the charity’s helpline and provides talks and education in Ireland around bone health.

Aoife Ni Aoife provides expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment for men and women with pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions including incontinence (bladder and bowel ), pelvic organ prolapse, obstructed defecation, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis.

Email [email protected] to register to attend, or phone 087 2863013. Admission is €25 and is payable on the night; admission is free of charge for members of the Irish Osteoporosis Society. All proceeds will go to the charity the Irish Osteoporosis Society, and there will also be a charity fundraising raffle on the night.


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