‘Food FOMO’ stops half of adults from trying to lose weight

In a recent Censuswide survey of 505 adults in Ireland, more than half (59 per cent ) say they’ve put off trying to lose weight due to FOMO (fear of missing out ) – with missing out on favourite foods such as takeaways, pasta dishes and fry ups as well as social events fuelling this fear.

Dr Amanda Avery, health and research consultant dietitian at Slimming World, says: “Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures so it’s no wonder food FOMO is a very real factor for many of us when it comes to losing weight. As the research shows, in many cases certain foods can have a powerful pull on us, evoking memories and emotions and rekindling flavours and pleasures experienced in the past. Often, finding the desire or motivation to alter deeply ingrained habits around the way we shop, cook and eat can be challenging and that’s where support can be crucial to help slimmers.”

Slimming World’s approach combines support to change your mindset around food with a flexible healthy eating plan, called Food Optimising, which can be tailored to your lifestyle. Ann Hanley, a member of Maura's Slimming World group in the Menlo Park Hotel who has lost 2st 8.5lb, says that she has learned how to create healthy versions of her favourite meals such as tarragon chicken, lasagna or lamb tagine with couscous so she can still lose weight without ever feeling she's missing out.

"I can eat all of the foods I enjoyed prior to joining Slimming World, only preparing them differently now," she says. "I’ve so many choices and I don't feel deprived. I enjoy using my syns for wine or a few vodkas at the weekend."

Slimming World consultant Maura says: “Changing habits takes real effort and without support, it can be easy to give up. Being part of a community where you’ll meet other people on the same journey who share their ideas, experiences and advice has been shown to help keep motivation high. There is no need to give up your favourite foods or miss out on the pleasure they bring you though – it’s just about finding new ways to prepare and cook the meals you love.”

Because Ann has made those mindset and behavioural changes, she says she now feels fabulous in her clothes, "My size 16 baggies are now swapped for my beautiful wardrobe of size 12 clothes which I previously couldn't fit into. My proudest moment since joining Slimming World was feeling amazing in a dress for my daughter's wedding last August that wouldn't pass my thighs when I bought it. The best part is that I feel healthier now too. I have an autoimmune disease and my knees and other joints are getting less painful. My mobility has now improved and I haven't been to the rheumatologist for injections in over a year, where it was previously every three months."

To join your local Slimming World group, visit www.slimmingworld.ie for more information


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