Enjoy a rewarding career in counselling

I remember on that first day of the introductory course... fear, excitement, and as our tutor started to speak about ideas in counselling, I felt such resonance, and knew in that moment that I had started on an adventure of a lifetime. Now, over 20 years later, I reflect on the journey, and I'm thrilled to be a therapist, supervisor and trainer, and I still feel the fear and the excitement as I step into the unknown with every client... what a privilege to walk with someone as they step forward into another way.

We all have a story, we have had different experiences and sometimes these impact us when they may have happened many years ago. Therapy is a process, an act of giving meaning to something, of connection to ourselves, of expression, of exploration, of challenging the negative internal judgements that don’t serve us and finding new choices. This is done with a witness whose role is to listen with empathy, to be present, to be a sounding board, to offer tentative understanding and insight, to challenge and to support. Therapists are trained in the listening process and have a theoretical framework that allows them to connect with the complex tapestry of our lives and help to build an understanding of our experiences.

Galway City Counselling, in conjunction with Atlantic Way Training, is now enrolling for its foundation course in counselling and psychotherapy. For further information contact Chris at [email protected] or Elaine at 087 2745187.

Maybe you are reading this and reflecting on your own journey and wondering about a career in psychotherapy and counselling and where to begin ...it just requires one step to start.

Chris Place, Galway City Counselling (low cost counselling available ).


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