Pavillion are back in Róisín Dubh on Monday

Pavillion are back in Róisín Dubh on Monday June 5 with highly anticipated concert 'Pavillion: Era 3'!

Pavillion, known for their energetic stage presence and distinctive sound, will captivate the audience with a revitalized musical experience. This concert showcases Pavillion's cutting-edge new material, representing a bold departure from their previous work and unveiling an exciting chapter in their artistic journey.

In addition to their mesmerizing music, Pavillion promises a multisensory extravaganza, ornamenting their performance visually and theatrically. The audience can expect a feast for the eyes and ears as Pavillion incorporates immersive visuals, stunning stage lighting, and theatrical elements to create a truly captivating spectacle.

Supporting Pavillion on this exhilarating night and making a thrilling comeback of their own, are the Monotypes. With a unique sound that seamlessly blends elements of emo and urban music, Monotypes deliver a compelling performance that resonates with style and emotion. The stage has eagerly awaited their return, ready to be ignited by their electrifying presence.

Meanwhile, Undercover Martians will infuse the evening with their dynamic indie rock style, led by a talented singer whose remarkable vocals shine with undeniable talent. Their melodic compositions and heartfelt performances leave a lasting impact on the audience, creating an immersive and memorable experience.

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