Schools mark National Confidence Day

Positivity, empowerment, encouragement and hope will be the focus in schools today (Thursday ), when children will get to celebrate National Confidence Day in classrooms across the country.

A host of Irish celebrities have come together to participate in an inspirational and motivational half hour show, produced by STARCAMP with Gala Retail for the children of Ireland, with contributions from An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, Alisha Weir (Matilda in the movie by the same name ), Rory’s Stories and Cillian O’Connor, an Irish favourite in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Earlier this week, STARCAMP and Gala Retail carried out a national survey about confidence and children’s well-being in children. Just under 2,000 parents from all 26 counties across Ireland with primary school aged children took part. The research found that 66 per cent of parents said that they would like their children to be more confident. Some 97 per cent believe that it is very important that life skills such as handshakes, resilience and the importance of losing be taught to children.

When asked if parents would like the school environment to be changed in any way, only six per cent believe that the it is fine as is. Sixty four per cent feel more life skills should be taught in school, while 52 per cent would like to see more creativity, 32 per cent would like to see more emphasis on their holistic development, and 10 per cent would like to see more sport.

Three quarters of those whose children use devices believe that it has a negative effect on their confidence, while 42 per cent of parents admit that they problem solve for their children too much.

When asked about their children’s anxieties and worries, a concerning 13 per cent of parents said that their primary school child suffered from anxiety. A further 38 per cent said that their child worries too much, with less than half, 46 per cent, stating that their child had normal worries in life, and a further two per cent don’t seem to worry about anything.

Forty three per cent of parents surveyed would like if their child’s social skills were better.

This Thursday, for National Confidence Day, STARCAMP has produced a special half hour show which will be available to watch in all classrooms and homes across Ireland. More than 300,000 are expected to tune in. Some 270 STARCAMP with Gala Retail camps will take place this summer across Ireland, with almost 30,000 children attending. The theme is resilience and there is a new section on life skills.

The “I Believe In Me” confidence show for children will be available for all to watch and can be streamed today (Thursday ) on for a limited time.


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