Energy efficiency and comfort drove home improvement activity in 2022

A leading online marketplace for home improvement and construction services in Ireland, has released data on the key trends in home improvement activity and spending over the past year.

The data shows that in 2022, homeowners focused on improving comfort, safety, and energy performance in their homes.

According to the data, demand for insulation increased by 154%, with the most popular type of projects being cavity and attic insulation.

Solar panel installation saw a 120% increase, while energy-efficient heating upgrades saw a 114% increase. Hard landscaping, such as patio paving, gardenborders, pathways, and drives, saw a 110% increase in demand.

Electrical upgrades, including home rewiring and at-home electric car charging points, saw a 91% increase, and bathroom refits saw a 34% increase.

"The data shows that homeowners are making significant investments in their homes to improve comfort and energy efficiency," said Ted Laverty, CEO of Onlinetradesmen who commissioned the survey. "This trend has translated into significant amounts of home improvement activity and spending on our platform."

"Onlinetradesmen has seen the strongest home improvement activity growth in Dublin, followed by Cork and Kildare," said MKr Laverty. "We expect this demand for verified trade professionals to continue in 2023, making it a great time to be a self-employed trade professional in Ireland."

Onlinetradesmen offers a wide range of home improvement and construction services, from insulation and solar panel installation to bathroom refits and electrical upgrades.

The service connects Irish property owners to verified trade professionals nationwide for over 130 home improvement and repair job categories.

Overall the following increases in home improvement job types were reported:

Home Insulation: +154%

Solar Panel Installation: +120%

Energy Efficient Heating: +114%

Hard Landscaping: +110%

Electrical Upgrades: +91%

Bathroom refits: +34%

General maintenance: +26%


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