Intensive course in Irish grammar for Leaving Certificate

CruinnTeo provides an intensive three-week Irish grammar course, primarily for students entering fifth year or sixth year in September 2023. Classes will run daily at the University of Galway from 10am to 1pm and will be delivered to two class groups only, early booking is advised.

The course focuses on two main elements of the Leaving Certificate Irish examination, namely the oral Irish examination and the creative writing section or ‘the aiste’. The oral Irish section will focus on the main elements of the oral examination, namely the introduction, poetry reading, general conversation, and picture sequence.

The focus in the creative writing section will be on developing vocabulary, accuracy, and exactness of language. An emphasis on the teaching of grammar rules will not only give students a better understanding of how to write a grammatically correct essay, but this knowledge will also give students greater confidence when undertaking Paper 2. Some key grammatical points which will be covered include: The tenses, spelling, the ‘urú’ and the ‘séimhiú’, the prepositions, the declensions of nouns, and the tuiseal ginideach.

A key aim of CruinnTeo courses is to enhance students’ understanding and knowledge of the fundamental building blocks of the language. On completion, students will have improved skills and increased confidence to help them construct their own answers and not be overly reliant on rote learning.

A comprehensive, detailed course handbook (author: Grainne Keleghan ) will be provided to all students. Additional information, reservations and payments, tutor information etc, can be found at


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