Miss Galway reaches for the stars

Miss Galway Meghan Scully. Pic: Declan Colohan

Miss Galway Meghan Scully. Pic: Declan Colohan

Reciting poetry, and balancing books on your head may have been part of the ordeal in becoming a lady in times gone by, but that has all changed now.

Coyotes nightclub was transformed from a throbbing nightclub to a plush red carpeted affair for the annual Miss Galway competition where competitors strutted their stuff in casualwear, swimwear, and eveningwear. The lucky winner of this year’s competition and crowned Miss Galway 2009 was Meghan Scully from Ardrahan. The 19 year old media student is not only the winner of Miss Galway, but is now in the running for Miss Ireland, and potentially Miss World.

Composed, determined, and focused, the astounding beauty of the sporty brunette is not limited to her looks. The east Galway girl has a passion for the Irish language, a burning urge to be a television presenter, and is very insistent on ensuring that she lives up to the demanding expectations of Miss Galway.

In May the now Miss Galway received a message from Coyotes nightclub through Facebook asking if she wanted to take part in the competition. She was accepted for the competition following an interview which involved being measured, and passing a height requirement.

“We were split into four heats over the first four weekends in May. I was in the first heat, the night included casualwear, swimwear and evening wear followed by an interview. The swimwear was great fun, it really settled me for the eveningwear and interview. When the winner was announced I didnt know what to expect, I was shocked and delighted. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I did my best”.

Miss Galway takes her title seriously and considers herself to be an ambassador for the county and a role model to younger generations; “I think Miss Galway is someone who should influence people, be a good role model, and represent the county well. I have a title to look after and I don’t want to disappoint people. I have younger cousins who look up to me, so hopefully I will be a role model to them. If I can take something out of the competition it would be to make a difference”.

Since the competition the 19-year-old Galway girl has been caught up in a whirlwind of appointments and photoshoots, she says; “My life has changed totally, everywhere I go I’m no longer Meghan Scully, I’m Miss Galway. I meet lots of new people, and am busy every day with different ventures. I’m very busy now and if I win Miss Ireland I think things will only get more hectic.”

As a keen media student Meghan is most excited about the possibilities that winning the competition could offer; “Winning the competition would open up so many doors for me. I’m prepared to give the final a go, but also prepared for whatever happens. If I won Miss Ireland my life would change completely but I wouldn’t let it go to my head. I would be set for life with regards to the media. If you look back at previous winners you can see that they have all done well”.

The Miss Ireland competition will take place in Dublin on July 24, Meghan says; “Miss Ireland is definitely daunting, it will be in a bigger venue and very tough. Coyotes was very relaxed. I’m hoping to enjoy it, but I don’t want the year to fly by, I want to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. If I was crowned Miss Ireland, going to Russia for Miss World would just be so surreal”.


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