Build healthy habits for 2023 with Slimming World

Here are five top tips from Slimming World on how to start making positive changes second nature this year.

Find your why

Carmel Quinn, who runs groups in Claregalway and Tuam, says: "Write down the lasting reasons why you want to lose weight. Is it to enjoy a longer, healthier life? Feel happier and more confident? Be fitter so you can run around with kids or grandkids? These ambitions will feed into habits that start small, but last in the long term."

"And if you feel your commitment’s taken a nose-dive, don’t beat yourself up or look back with regret," adds Slimming World consultant Barbara Small. "At Slimming World, we’ll help you to break that on-off cycle and instead see Food Optimising as something for life," says Claire Flaherty, consultant at Castlegar GAA Club.

Get support

If you have had a setback, there’s bound to be someone at group who has been there, too. Consultant Yvonne Briscoe says: "In our Slimming World groups, members help each other by sharing tips that worked for them, such as keeping plenty of slimming-friendly snacks to hand in the fridge."

Stay connected

Just being around people with similar goals is a stronger influence than you might expect. Consultant Maura O’Connor says: "Research has shown that simply connecting socially with others who engage in healthy eating and activity patterns can help us build similarly healthy habits. It’s just one of the reasons why Slimming World groups are so powerful – helping members feel valued, more connected and better able to make positive lifestyle changes."

Embrace change

Whether you’re a meat eater, vegan, flexitarian, or avoiding gluten, Food Optimising adapts to work around your needs. "Keep doing the best you can and remember that every recipe can be given a Food Optimising spin," says Clifden consultant Cheryle. "It can be fun looking for new ways to do things and mixing it up could even revitalise your weight loss if you’ve been feeling bored with your current routine." Consultant Linda Arnold adds: "As well as saving you money, creating tasty meals from scratch can boost your sense of achievement at the end of the day."

Reset and refocus

Consultant Mairead from the Oranmore Slimming World groups says: "If we aim not to get bogged down by what we can’t control, we’ll be better able to get on top of the things we can change." Sonya from the Athenry and Tuam groups also emphasises how important it is to look after ourselves and those around us: "Treasure yourself, your health and your family. If you have a tough day and break from plan, then instead of berating yourself, be kind."

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