Dragon set for another podium finish in Sweden

The Green Dragon was due to arrive in Marstraand late last evening with high hopes of another podium finish.

Locked in a battle with the overall race leaders Ericsson 4, the Green Dragon has been at the head of the fleet for most of this short leg to Marstraand in Sweden.

Guy Salter,MCM on board Ericsson 4, described last night’s battle up the west coast of Denmark as “tense”.

“Our sparring partners in the match race are Green Dragon - who, it has to be said, are much improved of recent times, whether it’s due to a gained confidence and renewed support from Ireland or due to the extra thousand or so team members they have enlisted via the online game. But, whatever the reason, Ian and boys have been sailing well. The question for us is; are we duelling for first and second at the moment or are we fighting for sixth and seventh?

With the spread across the fleet, and the way the wind and weather has been, both could be realistic outcomes, he said.

Green Dragon skipper Ian Walker returned the tribute to Ericsson 4.

“We have been given a demonstration of pure boatspeed by Ericsson 4 today. It was an honour they felt the need to repeatedly cover us, but as they ease out a half mile or so further ahead every hour, I doubt they will be covering us for long.

Still it is always fun to be ahead of the race leaders even if it only lasted a day or two. Who knows, we may find a way back past them yet. For now I will settle for holding off the others - two of whom I can just see appearing over the horizon behind.”

Based on weather patterns and their positioning yesterday evening, predictions were for another Ericsson 4 win with the Green Dragon in second place, and if that were to happen it would be an incredible finish for the Irish-Chinese boat.


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