Major new city walkway to be created at Eglinton Canal and Fisheries Field

The area between the Eglinton Canal and the Fisheries Field is due to be transformed into a major new walkway so Galwegians can enjoy walks by the canal and River Corrib.

The Mayor of Galway Pádraig Conneely has welcomed a €15 million allocation from the Department of Transport for the development of the Fisheries Field Green Way walk, which will encircle the area around the Eglinton Canal and the Fisheries Field.

The proposed walkway will go along by the Eglinton Canal (at the point across from Wards shop and along the grounds of NUI, Galway ). A footbridge will be erected at the end of that walkway to allow pedestrians cross the canal onto the Fisheries Field, through the Wicket Gate and Bridge, down past the River Corrib (where anglers can often be seen ) and onto the Salmon Weir Bridge and into Woodquay.

Owing to the narrowness of the Salmon Weir Bridge, many feel it is a danger to pedestrians. Mayor Conneely has long called for footbridges, like those at the Wolfe Tone Bridge, to be installed. Although it is not officially part of the Fisheries Field Green Way walk, it is understood that the footbridges will be installed in the near future, and are seen as essential to ensuring full pedestrian safety for users of both the bridge and the new walkway.

“This project will greatly enhance the access to the River Corrib and Eglinton Canal,” said Mayor Conneely, “and the proposed footbridges on the Salmon Weir Bridge will further ensure the safety of pedestrians


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