Breast cancer reconstruction surgery

Irish Life Health covers hyperbaric oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygenation helps with breast cancer treatment complications in so many ways that it is invaluable to know that it’s covered by Irish Life Health at OxyGeneration.

Jennifer Flaherty, a senior clinic executive at OxyGeneration on Merchants Road in a statement said: “OxyGeneration is at an education stage. The first lesson is that care teams take reasonable care to make disclosure of all reasonable treatment options. The second is that the universal gas laws provide the basic scientific evidence why oxygeneration under pressure reverses hypoxic [shortage of oxygen] injured tissue at cellular level no matter where in the brain or body.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Ms Flaherty. Significant money has been saved by health insurers by paying for hyperbaric oxygenation when good disclosure to patients was made by the care team. The test for good disclosure is: Would a woman like to have been told?

1 ) That reported cases show that all women (100 per cent ) using hyperbaric oxygenation have quality of life improvements.

2 ) That inflammation is reduced, resulting in significantly less risk of complications such as breast pain, headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, skin, and scalp changes and there is less scarring of the skin.

3 ) That all women have significantly reduced risk of complications of compromised skin flaps and grafts, and reoperation. Doctors also report reduced hospital costs due to fewer reoperations.

OxyGeneration supports ‘Race in Pink Day’ on Sunday October 30 at the Galway Races, in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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