Director Guy Ritchie comes back with a bang in this gritty British crime flick Rocknrolla. After his last two disastrous films Swept Away (voted one of the worst films of all time ) - starring his wife Madonna, and Revolver, Ritchie’s future film career was depending on the success of this film. So he sticks to what he’s good at - gangster films about drugs, crime, and money.

Gerard Butler stars as One Two, a street-smart mobster who has learned to play both sides of the fence. Wilkinson plays the lethal head mobster Lenny Cole, part of London's old mob regime, which is quickly losing ground to the wealthier foreign mob. When a Russian gangster orchestrates a crooked land deal, millions of pounds are up for grabs and all of London's criminal underworld want in on the action, and are prepared to do anything to pad their pockets with the loot. Everyone from a dangerous crime lord to a sexy accountant, a corrupt politician, and petty thieves conspire with each other in an effort to get rich quick.

Rocknrolla has the same urban gangster feel as Director Ritchie’s two previous hits Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch and he populates this action film with memorable characters played by the likes of Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton, Ludacris, and Tom Wilkinson.

There is plenty of eye candy in the form of Thandie Newton, who plays the ice-queen accountant whose conniving sets everyone at one another's throats. Although this cast is no Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, and Jason Statham; Butler and gang are incredibly funny and have the ability to capture the raw energy and enthusiasm which made Ritchie’s previous two films so successful.

Yet again, Guy Ritchie proves that crime never stops paying for him when it comes to achieving success at the box-office.



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