Also For Roaring - experimental theatre at Black Box

A kaleidoscope of scripted conversations, improvisations, mouth organs, and masks

Photo:- Emilija Jefremova

Photo:- Emilija Jefremova

ALSO FOR Roaring - an experimental production “about nonsense as much as sense”, about breaking “away from any kind of cohesion”, is coming to the Black Box Theatre.

Directed by Róisín Stack, the show is about three people trying to make sense of the world, yet the performance itself veers away from sense-making and into lists, YouTube references, and disjointed exchanges.

The resulting piece is a kaleidoscope of scenes ranging from scripted conversations to improvisations, mouth organs to masks. It was devised by Daniel Guinnane, Conor Kennedy-Burke, Róisín Stack, and Johanne Webb, who drew on encounters from their own lives to tease out ideas of sense, order, chaos, and potential.

“I was interested in creating a piece that was about ideas, rather than narrative, which was tricky because we’re all naturally inclined to make stories out of things,” said Róisín. “It’s one of the ways we make sense of the world. But this piece is about nonsense as much as sense, so it felt fitting to break away from any kind of cohesion.”

Also For Roaring runs at the Black Box Theatre from Friday February 18 to Sunday 20. For tickets contact the Town Hall Theatre on 091 - 569777 or The show will also be performed in Limerick’s Belltable Theatre on February 26. See also


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