Private Hyperbaric oxygenation for tissue injury in the West of Ireland.

Brian Lynch, a Galway based solicitor, who is part owner of OxyGeneration, a company providing private hyperbaric oxygenation, is an advocate of the treatment after suffering from a horse riding accident.

Lynch says he successfully used 57 daily sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation in Dublin to "tip the balance for a complete recovery in my favour as my recovery was in doubt”.

"For me it was a case of: if it's good enough for John Magnier’s million dollar bloodstock and good enough for well-known players for sports injuries for rapid recovery, it was definitely good enough for me.”

Hyperbaric oxygenation involves breathing oxygen under pressure in a chamber, which has a scientific basis for known benefits on injured tissue no matter where in the body, especially topical now for the brain for concussion, he says.

Lynch says his is a good news story. Having "severe and multiple injuries", including traumatic tissue injury, a shattered pelvic fracture, pain, lung tissue injury, nerve ending tissue injury and urology reconstruction surgery, he says he experienced rapid recovery from both severe pain.

"Of great significance, I more than halved the standard expected time for pelvic fractures in a wheelchair,” he says.

"Oxygenation under pressure at an OxyGeneration pressure cabin is key to dissolving greatly increased oxygen in hypoxic (shortage of oxygen ) tissue using pressure. After all, the decreased volume of oxygen makes it possible to reach otherwise unreachable injured tissue. This is what helps to rapidly reduce pain and inflammation." he adds.

"Results can be evaluated by mesauring blood markers at cellular level before and after oxygenation, endoscopic videos and SPECT scans as well as clinical measurable assessment." Lynch explains.

oxygenation cabin galway

"Sitting in the OxyGeneration pressure cabin is like sitting in a small jet aircraft when your ears pop with the pressure," he says. Brian Lynch even joked that the experience gave him the same relaxed sensation as half a Gin and Tonic.

Filled with passion to make this vital non-intrusive treatment available in his city, Lynch has now brought OxyGeneration to Merchants Road in Galway.

oxygeneration clinic galway

Speaking from his background in the legal profession, he says the key question is: would the patient want to know about oxygenation as a treatment option?

“Of course one would,” says Lynch. “A lot of opioid addictive pain medication, anti-inflammatories and blood thinners in heart disease will be superseded by hyperbaric oxygenation if patients are given balanced information. Many current medical procedures and operations such as unnecessary limb amputations or unnecessary intestine surgery or unnecessary urology operations will become redundant when people are given the choice.”

He says one Tel Aviv University Hospital is treating up to 200 people a day with hyperbaric oxygenation, while it is also "used for Long Covid for the same scientific reasons of reaching injured tissue".

"I drove to Dublin especially for 37 of my daily session when discharged from hospital. Heading to OxyGeneration in Galway, from any of the neighbouring counties in the West of Ireland takes half that time."

Lynch advises people to talk to their GP and gather information about the treatment.

Next week, he will be discussing cases where OxyGeneation can beneficial to sport injuries.

OxyGeneration can be contacted at 091 394444 or


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