Things To Do When Visiting Belfast

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Belfast is rich in history and well worth the visit. You can marvel at the location where the world-famous titanic was built or trek the coast and walk in the shoes of Jon Snow. As the capital city of Northern Ireland, located within the United Kingdom, you can easily tag this onto a trip to Scotland, England, and Wales. From the mainland UK, you can hop on a ferry or catch a short flight. Whether you’re passing by or staying the long haul, below are our top picks of things to do.

Giant’s Causeway

This UNESCO world heritage site is a wonder to behold and sits at the top of our list for anyone visiting Belfast. This coastal area consists of around 40,000 basalt columns. The natural formations were crested in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption many millennia ago. However, legend has it the causeway was built by Irish giant who attempted to cross over to Scotland and fight his nemesis Benandonner. If you’re in Belfast, then we highly recommend a tour of the Giant's Causeway.

Titanic Tour

A trip over to the docks to see the workplace of Harland & Wolff, the firm responsible for RMS Titanic, is an absolute must for anyone visiting Belfast. The dock is still active but has turned its focus from ships to wind turbines. The Titanic Museum is a self-guided tour and will let you step into the past and explore the lives of those lost at sea. You will see references to James Cameron’s 1997 film Titanic along the way. Further, you will be able to marvel at footage of her current state, lying at the bottom of the ocean.

Game Of Thrones Location Crawl

Game of Thrones fans flock to Belfast every year to see the filming locations of the iconic hit show. Scenes from the show were filmed all over, but the bulk was shot in Belfast. From Winterfell to Dragonstone, get involved with the mystery and explore the wonders from the show. Whether you want to visit them all or are happy seeing a few, you can find a guide to all of the filming locations here.

Belfast City Hall

City hall is the central point of Belfast, as you may have guessed. The building was created by Alfred Brumwell Thomas in honour of Belfast gaining city status from Queen Victoria in 1988. If you’re interested in learning about the history of Belfast, you can make the most of the public exhibition space. There, you will be guided through 16 rooms of history.

The Salmon Of Knowledge

A fun catch for people visiting Belfast is the Salmon of Knowledge. This is a mythical creature well known in Irish mythology. The statue is located by the waterfront and was built by John Kindness. The sculpture is made up of tiles that each tell a different story.

Belfast is full of wonders both manmade and natural. Whether you want to see the Game of Thrones locations or head down to Giant’s Causeway, there’s something for everyone here.


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