GMIT interns receive permanent job offers from groundbreaking remote Globalization Partners programme

Galway-located Globalization Partners simplifies global remote team building by making it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere within minutes via its global employment platform, so it was thrilled to announce the successful completion of its first-ever 13-week internship programme in which the interns were part of the software development team.

Each intern has now accepted an offer for a permanent position with Globalization Partners — the job offers mark the end of a unique challenge in that it was not only a remote internship, but it also entailed interacting and learning from technology experts from every corner of the globe on a daily basis.

The four GMIT graduates, Andres Penas Palmeiro, Grace Keane, Klaudija Medeksaite, and Sagheer Ahmad began their internship by logging on in May 2021 with three key goals: challenge yourself, make a difference, and have fun. The interns were led remotely by two senior software engineers from the Globalization Partners European technology headquarters in Galway. They agreed that while the idea of a remote internship was challenging at first, they found the experience rewarding for everyone.

“Our goal was to make this experience as close to an in-person internship program as possible,” said Chris Loughnane, Senior Software Engineer, Globalization Partners. “We were mindful of creating those precious everyday learning opportunities, so we ensured the interns got to shadow more than one person and were exposed to new technology frequently.”

Jennifer Jarnstrom, Software Engineer, Globalization Partners added, “We helped interns build their network and see what potential future career opportunities might be open to them through weekly ‘meet and greet’ meetings. Via Zoom, they were connected to professionals working in quality assurance, project management, devOps, management, and other technical departments. These meetings allowed them to discuss what a working day looked like, as well as details on routes taken to achieve their chosen careers.”

While the interns missed the traditional “water cooler moments,” they experienced first-hand virtual meetings with a team spanning four continents.

“What I particularly liked was, not only did we have an intern experience, but we also found out what this ‘work from home’ phenomenon was all about,” said Klaudija Medeksaite, “We were also given experiences such as meeting senior management and sitting in important meetings that we might not have experienced in an in-person program.”

“Even though we just graduated, we all found that we had so much more to learn,” agreed Sagheer Ahmad. “The team gave us so many opportunities to work hands-on in a production environment with cutting-edge technology where we got to not only implement -- but expand on the knowledge gained in college. This was crucial in drawing our awareness to the importance of the industry standards and best practices expected of a professional software developer.”

Globalization Partners looks forward to growing and expanding the intern program throughout the company and its many locations around the world. The programme will advertise for new graduates again in 2022.


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